2022 Voting Members:

Alliance for Natural Health – USA
American Frontline Doctors
California Health Coalition Advocacy
Children’s Health Defense
Children’s Health Defense Illinois
Citizens for Health
DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions)
Focus for Health Foundation
Health Choice Maine
Health Choice Vermont
Health Freedom Defense Fund
Health Independence Alliance
Health Rights MA
Hoosiers for Medical Liberty
Illinois Freedom Alliance
Initiatives for Family Health
Kansans for Health Freedom
Mask Off MN
Massachusetts for Safe Technology
Minnesota Natural Health – Legal Reform Project
Minnesota Natural Health Coalition
NASH (North American Society of Homeopaths)
National Health Federation
National Health Freedom Action
National Health Freedom Coalition
NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center)
Organic Consumers Association
Physicians and Patients Reclaiming Medicine
PCIC (Pennsylvania Coalition for Informed Consent)
Robert Scott Bell Show
Stand for Health Freedom
Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation
Truth About Cancer
Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota
Voice for HOPE – Healers Of Planet Earth
Weston A Price Foundation

Past Voting Members Include:

Advocates for Health Freedom
AHI Productions/IAACN
Alliance for Natural Health
American Herbalists Guild
Attorney at Law, Richard Jaffe Esq
Autism One
Board of Directors – NHFC
Bolen Report
California Health Freedom Coalition
Carnicom Institute
Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom
Citizens for Health
Clinton Miller Health Freedom Advocacy
Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD), Inc
Colorado Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation
Connecticut Health Freedom Coalition
Consumer for Dental Choice
Consumers for Dental Choice, NW
Dr. Clark Research Association
Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny
Electromagnetic Health.org
Emord and Associates
Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance
Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Florida Health Freedom Action
Florida Health Freedom Coalition
Florida Sunshine Health Freedom Pathfinders
Focus Autism/A Shot of Truth
Focus for Health Foundation
Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine
Friends of Freedom International
Gary Null & Associates
Healing Insights
Health & Wealth Alliance, LLC
Health Choice
Healthkeepers Alliance/Trinity School
Illinois Citizens For Health Freedom
Independent Health Food Stores of America
Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Institute for Responsible Technology
Iowa Health Freedom Coalition
Kommittén för Alternativ Medicin
La Leva Association for Freedom of Choice
Life Extension Foundation
Life Unlimited, Inc.
Live Longer Educational Foundation
Living Foods USA
Living Improvements for Everyone
Mayday Denmark
Michigan Natural Health Coalition
Minnesota National Health Coalition
Minnesota Natural Health – Legal Reform Project
Minnesota Natural Health Coalition
Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project
Minnesota Touch Movement Network
Moms Across America
North American Society of Homeopaths
National Health Federation
National Health Freedom Action
National Health Freedom Coalition
National Vaccine Information Center
Native Americans
Natural Health Care Alliance
Nature’s Sunshine Products
NC Citizens for Health Freedom
New Health
New Zealand Health Trust
NMA Media Press
North Carolina Health Freedom
NSIR Technologies School of Alternative Healing
Nutritional Magnesium Association
Ohio Sunshine Health Freedom Coalition
Oklahoma Health Freedom Action Network
Organic Consumers Association
Pennsylvania Health Freedom America
Prostrate 90
Red Umbrella’s
Rick Jaffe, Esq.
Robert Scott Bell Show
Rogue Valley Homeopathy
Salud Natural A.G.
Strauss Herb Company
Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation
Texas Health Freedom Coalition
The Canary Party
Truehope Institute
United Plant Savers
VE Irons
Virginians for Health Freedom
Voice for HOPE – Healers Of Planet Earth
Wellness Resources
Weston A Price Foundation
Wisconsin Health Freedom Coalition