Connecting the Health Freedom Community

The National Health Freedom Coalition convened the 12th U.S. Health Freedom Congress in June of 2018 bringing Health Freedom leaders and advocates together to:
  • Celebrate advances made by the Health Freedom Movement.
  • Learn about National and State Organizations and network with those representing them.
  • Meet and honor organizations, leaders, and courageous individuals who are standing for Health Freedom.
  • Dialog about effective tactics and strategies to protect our freedom to choose in areas such as:
    • Food freedom
    • Vaccine choice
    • Parental rights
    • Mercury in Dentistry
    • GMO labeling laws
    • EMF policy
  • Observe the Congress proceedings and passage of resolutions.
  • Gain tools to ORGANIZE and BUILD coalitions from those in the field.
  • Attend educational and social evening events.
  • Develop collaborative relationships.

The United States Health Freedom Congress brings together over 40 health freedom organizations and their trusted leaders from across the nation and numerous other health freedom leaders and general participants. The attendees  join and work together for three days, culminating in an evening Health Freedom Awards Banquet and a Keynote Speech.

2018 Congress Highlights: Keynote Speaker

Our keynote was delivered by our esteemed colleague, Jim Turner, of Citizens for Health, Voice for HOPE, and The Transpartisan Review, and addressed the theme of “Wisdom and Its Application”.

A principal in the firm Swankin & Turner, Turner represents businesses as well as individuals and consumer groups in a wide variety of regulatory matters concerning food, drug, health, environmental and product-safety matters. Mr. Turner has served as special counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Food, Nutrition, and Health and to the Senate Government Operations Subcommittee on Government Research. Recently Mr. Turner was the lead attorney on a successful petition to the FDA to reclassify acupuncture needles from Class III to Class II medical devices, permitting their legal importation and distribution. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University School of Law.

Lobbying 101 Workshop presented by Diane Miller JD


Diane Miller JDDiane Miller’s Lobbying Workshop 101 provided Diane’s top recommendations for individuals who wish to get involved in advocating for things they are concerned about, and for those who want to lobby a bill forward at a legislature.  Her goal was to help citizens understand and implement successful lobbying strategies.

Diane Miller JD is an attorney and Director of Law and Public Policy for National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) and its sister lobbying organization, National Health Freedom Action (NHFA).

As the Co-moderator of the US Health Freedom Congress and as an educator, lobbyist, and advocate for collaboration among health freedom leaders, Miller works to teach and implement the principles of health freedom in all areas of health including protecting the right of all people to access all health care information, services, treatments and products that the people deem beneficial for their own health and survival.

Diane Miller is author of “The Principles of Health Freedom”.   “I believe that laws and customs must be carefully reviewed, revised, and even repealed if necessary, and new ones created, to reflect the continual development, evolution, and spiritual maturation of a people.”  Diane Miller JD

Movie:  The Pathological Optimist

A Profile of Andrew Wakefield 

“An exacting documentary, The Pathological Optimist assumes no clear point of view on its provocative subject, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose 1998 research linking the MMR vaccine to autism birthed an ardent anti-vaccines movement. Regardless of where you stand on the vaccination issue, it’s possible to relish Miranda Bailey’s highly informative, anger-arousing film, and to feel it’s promoting your own views.”  – Film Journal

“Open Space”

Facilitated by Denise Lewis Premschak

The ability to perceive or think differently is even more important than the knowledge gained.”
David Bohm, New Scientist (February 1993) 

What ?

  • A meeting technology used all over the world to bring individuals together for shared purpose and insight. The method itself sets up an environment that fosters shared vision, empowered participants, and self-ordered groups.
  • An integral component of Congress intended to help inform outcomes, enrich ongoing work, and forge alliances for future action.
  • Designed for building on the vision and experience of Health Freedom Congress participants, it provides a safe space to gather together to re-invent ways of relating to one another, create possible futures, and transform.

How ?

  • During Open Space, dialog groups convened around topics of shared interest and passion. The agenda is wholly determined by the participants and the time and space allotted.
  • Dialog groups’ topics are settled upon by participants in a dynamic ‘marketplace’. Topics are inspired by previous sessions, presentations, and an overarching conference theme.
  • Everyone is invited to convene or attend a dialog circle on a topic that matters to them, and further, all are invited to move freely among the various topic circles.

When and Why?

  • Open Space works best when the work to be done is complex, the people and ideas involved are diverse, the passion for resolution (and potential for conflict) are high, and the time to get it done was yesterday. It’s been called passion bounded by responsibility, a simple, powerful way to get people and organizations moving — when and where it’s needed most.
  • While Open Space is known for its apparent lack of structure and welcoming of surprises, it turns out that the Open Space meeting is actually very structured — but that structure is so perfectly fit to the people and the work at hand, that it goes unnoticed! This kind of structure is in its proper role of supporting (not blocking) people’s best work.

What will happen?

  •  We never know exactly what will happen when we open the space for people to do their most important work, but we can guarantee these results when any group gets into Open Space:
    ◆      You’ll engage with your own and with others’ perspectives on Health Freedom issues, challenges, and opportunities.
    ◆      All of the issues that are MOST important to the participants will be raised.
    ◆      All of the issues raised will be addressed.
    ◆      It is literally possible to accomplish in a day or two what some other approaches take weeks or months to do.
    ◆      The common result is a powerful, effective acknowledging, connecting and strengthening of what’s already been happening.

How to prepare?

Bring your own ideas, experiences, purpose, and passion.  Plan to be fully present, open to new ideas, and willing to be surprised.

Open Space is a meeting technology used by organizations all over the world to bring diverse individuals together in a self-ordered environment that fosters creativity, empowers collaboration, and creates meaningful outcomes.

At Congress, Open Space is a container for

connecting with important allies to construct and expand future action, enrich our ongoing work, and regenerate our spirits.

Denise Lewis Premschak is CEO of Voice for HOPE-Healers Of Planet Earth, an organization providing strategic vision, leadership and support to the ‘natural’ health constituency wanting to be more active in the national health care reform effort.   Denise is the former CEO of ISSSEEM (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine) and still dedicated to its mission to teach, explore, and apply subtle energies as they relate to consciousness, healing, and human potential.  Prior to that, Denise founded and continues to serve as principal consultant, coach, and facilitator for Field Guide where, across many disciplines, she facilitates creative approaches to complex needs through leadership training intensives, Open Space Technology, and Dialogue processes, and lends her deep experience in leading organizational change, consulting executives in change, and personal integration of change.