Connecting the Health Freedom Community

The National Health Freedom Coalition will convene the 13th U.S. Health Freedom Congress in September of 2022 to bring Health Freedom leaders and advocates together to:
  • Celebrate advances made by the Health Freedom Movement.
  • Learn about National and State Organizations and network with those representing them.
  • Meet and honor organizations, leaders, and courageous individuals who are standing for Health Freedom.
  • Dialog about effective tactics and strategies to protect our freedom to choose in areas such as:
    • Food freedom
    • Vaccine choice
    • Parental rights
    • Mercury in Dentistry
    • GMO labeling laws
    • EMF policy
  • Observe the Congress proceedings and passage of resolutions.
  • Gain tools to ORGANIZE and BUILD coalitions from those in the field.
  • Attend educational and social evening events.
  • Develop collaborative relationships.

The United States Health Freedom Congress brings together over 50 health freedom organizations and their trusted leaders from across the nation and numerous other health freedom leaders and general participants. The attendees join and work together for three days, culminating in an evening Health Freedom Awards Banquet and a Keynote Speech.

Stay Tuned for more details to come….